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Audi Automatic Transmission Fluid (CVT) - 2002-10 Models
Audi Transmission Fluid Ravenol ATF - 2002-10 - Vehicles Requiring OE Part Number G 052 180 A2 w/ CVT Transmission - 1L
Product Part Number:
Product Information:
1 Liter Bottles (1.06 Quart). Mfg by RAVENOL in Germany.
Meets Audi transmission fluid specifications for 01J and 0AN series CVT transmissions (A.K.A. Multitronic Transmission, Stepless Transmission). RAVENOL CVT meets and exceeds Audi VW Continuously Variable Transmission fluid OE part number G 052 180 A2.

RAVENOL Audi Automatic Transmission Fluid Features:
  • High performance fully synthetic fluid with excellent anti-wear, corrosion resistance, oxidation and thermal stability
  • High viscosity index assures proper lubrication in severe hot and protection in cold weather
  • Controlled friction properties equals smooth and efficient shifting over the fluids life
Consult your service manual and confirm the specific fluid requirements for your model.
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Vehicle Applications:
Audi - All Models w/ Automatic Transmissions Specifying Fluid Part Number > G 052 180 A2
Technical Information:
Audi CVT fluid should be changes every 30,000-40,000 miles. Changing your Continuously Variable Transmission fluid helps extend the life of your transmission by the internals of the transmission being bathed properly in clean transmission fluid.

Audi CVT Fluid Capacity:
• The dry fill fluid capacity for Audi CVT transmissions is 7.7 liters and the capacity for a fluid change is 4.5 - 5 liters.

Other features and specifications:
  • BMW CVT Fluid EZL 799, EZL 799A
  • BMW 83 22 0 136 376
  • BMW 83 22 0 429 154
  • Ford CVT Fluid WSS-M2C933-A
  • Ford Five Hundred CFT30 CVT Fluid
  • Ford Freestyle XT-7-QFCT CVT fluid
  • MB CVT Fluid 236.20, A 001 989 46 03
  • Mini Cooper CVT Fluid EZL 799, EZL 799A
  • Honda CVT Fluid 08200-9006
  • Honda HMMF Ultra Fluid 08260-99904, 08260-99907
  • Mazda TFF CVT Fluid, TC JWS3320, K020-W0-051W
  • Nissan CVT Fluid NS-1, KLE50 00002, KLE50 00004
  • Subaru i-CVT Fluid K0415-YA090
  • Suzuki S-CVT 99000-22801-000
  • Toyota CVT Fluid TC 08886-02105
  • ZF Ecotronic