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Ravenol Gear Oil EPX 90W GL-5 1L
Ravenol Gear Oil EPX 90W GL-5 1L
Product Part Number:
Product Information:

RAVENOL Gear Oil EPX SAE 90 GL-5 is a multi-purpose transmission oil for synchronized and non-synchronized manual transmissions, axle transmissions, transfer cases, intermediate gear boxes, and ancillary transmissions in vehicles and work machines. RAVENOL Gear Oil EPX SAE 90 GL-5was developed to eliminate seasonal transmission oil changes, and it can be used during winter and summer. Its universal application minimizes the risk of confusion and eases stock-keeping. The balanced additive combination warrants properties such as a high pressure capacity, above average viscosity-temperature properties, high oxidation stability, low solidification points, good wear protection, and sludge prevention.

    Technical Characteristics and Features:
  • Optimal cold flow properties
  • Outstanding wear protection, even with short trips in winter
  • Highly pressure stable lubrication film, thus providing outstanding wear protection under any condition, reduced transmission noise, and optimal transmission efficiency under full loads (with very hot oil)
  • Outstanding shearing stability
  • Excellent oxidation stability, with no foaming
  • No oil thickening or deposits
  • Extraordinary ageing stability
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature properties
  • Effective wear protection
  • Optimal corrosion, rust, and non-ferrous metal protection
  • Neutral to sealants, causing the transmission to seal tight, with no oil loss

Application Notes:

RAVENOL Gear Oil EPX SAE 90 GL-5 is compatible with all name brand transmission oils. No “flushing” is required when switching to RAVENOL Gear Oil EPX SAE 90 GL-5. RAVENOL Getriebeoel EPX SAE 90 GL-5 is intended for use in manual transmissions, axle-, transfer-, intermediate-, and ancillary gearboxes in vehicles and work machines.

    Specifications, Applications, and OE Reference Numbers:
  • API GL-5
  • MIL-L-2105 D
  • MAN 342 Typ M1
  • Mercedes-Benz MB 235. 0
  • ZF TE-ML 16C
  • ZF TE-ML 05A
  • ZF TE-ML 17B
  • Ford SQM-2C-9002AA
  • ZF TE-ML 19B
  • ZF TE-ML 21A
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