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Ravenol Transfer Case Fluid TF-0870 1L
Ravenol Transfer Case Fluid TF-0870 1L
Product Part Number:
Product Information:

RAVENOL Transfer Fluid TF-0870 is a fully synthetic gear lubricant designed specifically for the latest generation of electronically controlled active transfer cases. RAVENOL Transfer Fluid TF-0870 is formulated with fully synthetic base oils (PAO) combined with special additives and inhibition. RAVENOL Transfer Fluid TF-0870 ensures optimum power transfer and ultimate reliability.

    Technical Characteristics and Features:
  • Very good lubricating ability even at low temperatures in winter
  • A high, stable viscosity index
  • Very good oxidation stability
  • Protection against wear, corrosion and foam formation
  • Good balanced coefficient of friction
  • Neutral towards sealing materials
  • Neutral behavior by inhibition compared with non-ferrous metals

Application Notes:

RAVENOL Transfer Fluid TF-0870 was developed for use in active transfer cases. RAVENOL Transfer Fluid TF-0870 provides a stable viscosity even under the highest loads.

    Specifications, Applications, and OE Reference Numbers:
  • BMW DTF-1 83222409710, 83222397244, 83220306816 for Transfer Case xDrive: ATC300, ATC350, ATC400, ATC450, ATC500, ATC700
  • Land Rover LR003137 BOT 118 Plus, IYK500010, ATF TF-0753
  • Nissan 999MP-TF0870P, KLD22-00001EU for Transfer Case ATX90A
  • Porsche 000-043-301-36 / 00004330136 for Cayenne Transfer Case
  • Porsche 95834153600
  • VW G 052 515 A2 (formerly G 055 015 A2) for Transfer Case 0AD and 0BV for VW Touareg, and Audi Q7
  • VW G 052 533 A2 for Transfer Case 0C7 for Amarok
  • VW G 052 536 A2 for Transfer Case 0BU for Touareg, Amarok and Audi Q7

Always consult your service manual and confirm the specific fluid and oil requirements for your application.

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