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VW Gearbox Oil - VW Manual Transmission Fluid - VW G50
Vw Manual Transmission Fluid - Ravenol TSG 75w90 GL-4 - 1 Liter (Inline and Transverse Mounted Manual Transmissions)
Product Part Number:
Product Information:
Ravenol TSG Synthetic Hydrocrack Gear Lube - Mfd In Germany
RAVENOL TSG 75w90 is a multi-purpose transmission oil for maximum duty manual transmissions. RAVENOL TSG 75w90 is a semi-synthetic design based on high quality synthetic base oils with special additive treatment and inhibitions coordinated to the increased stress on manual transmission oils to ensure trouble-free transmission function. RAVENOL TSG 75w90 is suitable for highly stressed manual transmissions with and without synchros. RAVENOL TSG is also suitable for transfer cases were GL-4 is needed.

    RAVENOL TSG Features:
  • Formulated and bottled in Germany
  • Meets VW 501 50, G50, G 005 000 specification
  • Excellent aging resistance
  • Extreme high pressure capabilities
  • Optimum viscosity temperature behavior in cold and hot climates
  • Extreme low pour point
  • Outstanding wear protection and lubrication in highly stressed conditions
  • Excellent oxidation, corrosion, and foaming resistance
  • Suitable in manual transmissions with or without synchros
Note: Consult your service manual and confirm the specific manual transmission oil specification requirements for your make and model.
Note: For some manual transmission fluid G 005 000 applications and capacities see technical information below.
    Other features and specifications:
  • Size: 1 Liter
  • SAE 75w90
  • API GL-4
  • Audi/VW 501 50, G50, G 005 000
  • FORD ESD M2C-175-A
  • GM B 040 1043
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Vehicle Applications:
Vw - All Models as Required
Technical Information:
Inline Mounted Manual Transmissions:
VW manual transmission fluid G 005 000 A2 specification is used in inline mounted VW 5 and 6 speed manual transmissions. G 005 000 A2 can be used in place of G 052 911 A2 if desired. G 005 000 gear oil has a slightly thicker viscosity and offers great protection for those looking for an economical price when compared to G 052 911 A2.

Transverse Mounted Manual Transmissions:
VW manual transmission fluid G 005 000 specification can be used in transverse mounted manual transmissions. G 005 000 can be used in place of G 052 726 A2, G 055 726 A2, G 070 726 A2, G 052 512 A2, G 052 171 A2, G 060 726 A2 if desired. G 005 000 gear oil has a slightly thicker viscosity and offers good protection at an economical price.

Important Notes:
We recommend GL-5 gear oils to NOT be used in VW manual transmissions as most GL-5 gear oil have too high of sulfur content which can cause damage to the brass synchros and soft metal materials of the transmission. It is best to use GL-4 gear oils in manual transmissions unless otherwise specified.

Some VW G 005 000 Applications and Capacities:
• Inline mounted 5 speed 016 has 2.6L capacity
• Inline mounted 5 speed 01A has 2.75L capacity
• Inline mounted 5 speed 012 has 2.25L capacity
• Inline mounted 6 speed 01E has 3.4L capacity
• Transverse mounted 5 Speed 02M has 2.1L
• Transverse mounted 5 Speed 02A, 02J has 1.9L
• Transverse mounted 5 Speed 0A4 has 1.9L
• Transverse mounted 6 Speed 02M has 2.6
• Transverse mounted 6 Speed 02Q has 2.3L

Manual Transmission Fluid Change Intervals:
• Typically it is best to change your VW manual transmission fluid every 70,000-100,000 miles depending on driving conditions. For heavy city transmission shifting or performance minded enthusiast, we recommend more frequent VW manual transmission fluid changes. For light driving conditions, we recommend less frequent VW gearbox oil fluid changes.