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Audi VW Power Steering Fluid - G 00 4000 M2 - G004000M2
Audi Vw Hydraulic Power Steering Fluid - G004000M2 - Long Life Synthetic - Ravenol of Germany
Product Part Number:
Product Information:
Ravenol SSF - Special Power Steering Fluid - Mfd In Germany - 1 Liter Bottle (1.06 Quart)
RAVENOL SSF hydraulic power steering fluid is formulated to the highest hydraulic fluid standards. It is specifically designed for VW Audi hydraulic systems. It is a high performance synthetic mineral based hydraulic fluid. This formula is specifically designed for high tolerance hydraulic systems.
    RAVENOL SSF Features:
  • Meets VW TL 521 46 01, G 004 000 M2 specifications.
  • Meets Audi TL 521 46 01, G 004 000 M2 specifications.
  • Great shear stability at high temperatures.
  • Maintains consistent viscosity in extreme operating temperatures from -40°C to over 130°C.
  • Good anti foaming characteristics.
  • Extremely low pour point.
  • Excellent corrosion protection.
  • High thermal stability.
  • Improved viscosity and friction behavior.
    Other features and recommendations:
  • ISO 7308
  • DIN 51 524 Teil 2
  • Audi TL 52 146 01, G 004 000 M2, G004000, G004000M2, CHF 202
  • VW TL 52 146 01, G 004 000 M2, G004000, G004000M2, CHF 202
  • Volvo 30741424
  • Saab 93160548
  • Porsche 000 043 206 56
  • Toyota PSF NEwW
  • Toyota 08886-01115
  • Size: 1 Liter
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Vehicle Applications:
Audi - All Models as Required
Vw - All Models as Required
Technical Information:
Why should I flush or change my power steering hydraulic fluid? Many will say you do not need to flush or change your power steering fluid? This makes no sense? Your German automobiles power steering system has many internal components in the power steering pump and steering rack and pinion that mesh and wear with one another, creating metallic particles that contaminate the power steering fluid. Today’s power steering systems are also put under higher stress to allow for easier steering by the driver. This increases the power steering fluid temperatures during use. Due to the fluid contamination, high fluid temperatures, and smaller power steering fluid capacities Blauparts recommend changing your power steering fluid every 30,000-50,000 miles. This is a simple step in minimizing maintenance costs and allowing your power steering pump and rack and pinion to last.