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Mercedes Oil – MB 229.52 RAVENOL VMS 5W30
Mercedes Oil - 5W-30 Weight - Motor Oil Spec MB 229.52 - German Ravenol VMS - 5L
Product Part Number:
Product Information:
RAVENOL VMS 5w30 is a 100% German fully synthetic low-friction motor oil with CleanSynto® technology! Its specifically made for modern diesel engines such as Mercedes-Benz BlueTec and Chrysler EcoDiesel engines. Experience the advantages with CleanSynto® technology! Superior synthetic base stocks and advanced German engineered additive packages outperform other oils and provides maximum lubrication during extended oil change intervals according to manufacturer's instructions. Proven to lubricate better, clean and keep internal engine components cleaner, maximize engine durability, reduce maintenance costs, improve fuel mileage, and reduce engine emissions. Noticeable energy conserving qualities result in fuel economy improvements, contributing to the reduction in polluting emissions, and protecting the environment. Excellent cold start characteristics provide optimum lubricant safety in the cold-running phase. Extreme efficiency, protection, and longevity for preventing the clogging of the diesel soot particulate filter system.

Application Notes:
RAVENOL VMS 5w30 is recommended specifically for use in vehicles with diesel particulate filters according to Mercedes-Benz low ash BlueTec diesel engine oil specification MB 229.52 and Chrysler EcoDiesel engine oil specification Chrysler MS-11106. It is an excellent option for demanding motorists regarding extreme stop and go traffic as well as consistent high speed driving styles.

    The following features can be experienced with RAVENOL VMS 5W30:
  • Noticeable Fuel-Economy Improvement (FE)
  • Excellent detergent and dispersant property
  • Prevention of black sludge formation
  • Improved and cleaner engine
  • Extended endurance with great oxidation stability
  • Excellent cold start characteristics with quick lubrication in cold weather
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature-characteristics
  • Suitable for catalysts and diesel soot particulate filters
  • Prevents effectively the reset of the diesel soot particulate filter
  • Mercedes Oil MB 229.31
  • Mercedes Oil MB 229.52
  • Mercedes Oil MB 229.51
    Meets and Exceeds:
  • Chrysler/Dodge Oil MS-11106
  • API SN
  • ACEA C3
  • SAE 5w30
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