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Vw Passat Timing Belt - Passat Timing Belt Kit - 1.8T Timing Belt
Vw Passat Timing Belt Kit - 1998-01 w/ 4 Cylinder 1.8L Turbocharged Gas Engine - Gen II - Enhanced+
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Blauparts goal is to make your VW Passat timing belt repair job a success. Providing quality components for this crucial repair is our #1 priority. Our BLAU® INA Official OE Base Kit include components that are made by official OE manufacturers; the same manufacturer that made the timing belt and tensioners that were supplied on your vehicle on the assembly line! Take advantage of INA and BLAU's 25 years of GERMAN automotive excellence. Save hundreds of dollars over dealer prices and get the same official OE Quality. We care about our family of customers and this is reflected in the amount of added value put into every one of our timing belt kits.

ATTN: 2000 VW Passat models have 4 different engines. These models could have an AEB, ATW, ATB or AUG. It is the responsibility of 2000 Passat owners to determine their engine code before ordering and clearly designate 'AEB, ATW, or ATB' engine code in the field below. See our helpful 'How To Determine Your VW Engine Code' page (includes a few tips and pictures).

Gen II BLAU® VW Passat Timing Belt Kit For 1.8T I4 Engines
    BLAU® INA Pre-assembled Base Kit Includes:
  • 1 'INA Gates' Timing Belt
  • 1 'NTN' Timing Belt Tensioner w/ Genuine Hardware
  • 1 'NTN' Timing Belt Hydraulic Tensioning Damper
  • 1 'INA' Timing Belt Tensioner Idler w/ Genuine Hardware
  • 1 'INA' Timing Belt Service Interval Sticker
    Enhanced+ Additions:
  • 1 'Graf' Water Pump w/ Metal Impeller and Gasket
  • 8 Water Pump Bolts
  • 1 Thermostat w/ O-Ring
  • 1 Thermostat Housing
  • 2 Thermostat Housing Bolts
  • 1 Thermostat Housing Hose Clamp
  • 1 'Flennor Gates' Water Pump V-Belt
  • 1 'Flennor Gates' Power Steering Alternator Serpentine Belt
  • 1 'Flennor Gates' AC Compressor Serpentine Belt
  • 4 Serpentine Belt Pulley Bolts
  • 1 Viton Front Crank Seal
  • 1 Viton Camshaft Seals
  • 1 Viton Intermediate Shaft Seal
  • 1 Intermediate Shaft O-Ring Seal
  • 1 Thread Locking Compounds
  • 1 Anti Seize Compound
  • 3 Liters G12 Plus German RAVENOL Antifreeze (2 - 1.5L Bottles) (Enhanced+ Addition)
    Appropriate amount for complete cooling system flush.
  • Blauparts Detailed Step-by-Step VW Passat 1.8T Timing Belt Instructions
    Numerous pages and over 30 images of detailed step-by-step guidelines, including front bumper removal.
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Discounted Rate Fast FedEX Ground Shipping Applies (Typically 1-4 Days ) in the contiguous 48 U.S. states!
Type 'AEB, ATW, or ATB' indicating that you've confirmed your engine code.
Please ensure your vehicle is listed below.
Vehicle Applications:
Passat Mk III Sedan - 2WD w/ 1.8L 4 Cylinder 20 Valve Turbocharged Engine Code AEB, ATW or ATB
Passat Mk III Sedan - 2WD w/ 1.8L 4 Cylinder 20 Valve Turbocharged Engine
Passat Mk III Wagon - 2WD w/ 1.8L 4 Cylinder 20 Valve Turbocharged Engine Code AEB, ATW or ATB
Passat Mk III Wagon - 2WD w/ 1.8L 4 Cylinder 20 Valve Turbocharged Engine
Technical Information:
FAQs Regarding Volkswagen Passat Timing Belt Replacement:

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Serpentine Belt Tensioner Arm Assembly (w/ Pulley) for power steering pump and alternator. In our service facility we've noticed that when doing timing belt maintenance on these vehicles, the bearing in the pulley has already begun making some noise (statistically 80% of the time).