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Audi Valve Cover Gasket  VW Valve Cover Gasket - V8 4.2L - 00-07
Audi Valve Cover Gasket - 8 Cylinder Engine - 1990-99
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Product Information:
Audi V8 Valve Cover Kit Includes: 1 perimeter Neoprene valve cover gasket, 1 center Neoprene valve cover gasket, 1 camshaft valley seal
VICTOR REINZ - OEM European Supplier
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Vehicle Applications:
A8 Sedan - Quattro w/ 4.2L 8 Cylinder 32 Valve Engine Code ABZ (Qty 2 Required)
A8 Sedan - Non-Quattro w/ 3.7L 8 Cylinder 32 Valve Engine Code AEW (Qty 2 Required)
V8 Sedan - Quattro w/ 3.6L 8 Cylinder 32 Valve Engine (Qty 2 Required)
V8 Sedan - Quattro w/ 4.2L 8 Cylinder 32 Valve Engine (Qty 2 Required)
Technical Information:
Why replace my valve cover gasket? Valve cover gaskets can begin to leak near the end of their service life. This is typically due to the constant heat cycles of the engine and rubber valve cover gasket during vehicle use. The continuous engine heat cycles cause the valve cover gasket to harden, crack, become brittle, and loose sealing capabilities. If the valve cover gasket is not replaced you will begin to experience oil leaks, smells, and drips.

How to inspect my leaking valve cover gasket? The most common indication of an oil leak is a foul burning odor in the interior of your vehicle. Oil leaks can also be determined by a simple visual inspection around and below the valve cover gasket mating areas. Look to see if you have oil coming down on the sides of the engine. If oil runs down the sides of the engine this can begin to drip on high temperature engine parts causing oil smells and also in time drip on the protective splash pan and ground.

Blauparts valve cover gasket replacement recommendations. From our experience most vehicles around 100-130,000 miles will begin to experience valve cover oil leaks. Valve cover oil leaks may also depend on the design of the engine and valve cover gasket area. Some engines are more prone then others to have valve cover oil leaks. It is best to replace your valve cover gaskets according to inspection findings.