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BMW Oil Filter - M5 Oil Filter - M6 Oil Filter - V10 S85 - 06-10
BMW Oil Filter - 10 Cylinder Gasoline Engine 2006-10 w/ 5.0L - Mahle
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Micro-star Mahle Original Oil Filter (BMW OEM Supplier)
Longlife Insert Style Oil Filter with Seals
OE Reference: 11 42 7 840 594
Blauparts is pleased to Offer Mahle Original Oil Filters for your BMW engine! Mahle is an Official OE oil filter manufacturer and has been supplying oil filters to the German automakers for decades. Since the late 1920s Mahle has set the standard in filtration as Germany's first automotive filter manufacturer. Today, Mahle is Germany's premier oil filter manufacturer. Mahle's continuous engineering and innovation is driven by performance. Every Mahle oil filter is built for an exact engine application. Mahle filters use the latest generation in oil filter designs and filtration media. All of this results in guaranteed long-lasting engine health and performance for your BMW.

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Vehicle Applications:
BMW M6 - S85 5.0L V10 Engine Oil Change Kit - E63, E64 Chassis
BMW M5 - S85 5.0L V10 Engine Oil Change Kit - E60 Chassis
Technical Information:
Your oil filter is the key to your engines performance, cleanliness, and longevity. The BMW oil filter cleans the engine oil of dirt, dust, soot, metal particles, and contaminants allowing for clean engine oil circulation.