Audi Vw Hydraulic Power Steering Fluid - G002000 - Mineral 7.1 - Febi/Bilstein

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  1 Liter Bottle (1.06 Quart) Mfd By Bilstein of Germany
  For over 23 years and with excellent results, Blauparts own repair shop has used Bilstein 08972 hydraulic fluid as a cost effective alternative to Audi Vw Pentosin CHF 7.1 and CHF 11s fluids (Audi Vw P/N G 002 000 or G002000).

Bilstein 08972 formula was originally designed for Mercedes Benz 'ZF' brand steering systems and is a replacement equivalent to CHF 7.1 fluid, which was used in Audi and Vw 'ZF' brand steering systems. This formula is specifically designed for high tolerance hydraulic systems (e.g., Audi, Vw, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche applications).

There is a difference between the Bilstein 08972 (CHF 7.1) and Pentosin CHF 11s hydraulic fluids. The Bilstein 08972 (CHF 7.1) is a mineral oil blend, where as the Pentosin CHF 11s is a synthetic oil blend. Synthetic oil blends don't need to be changed as frequently.
  • Equivalent to Audi Vw hydraulic fluid P/N G 002 000 or G002000
  • Equivalent to BMW hydraulic fluid P/N and
  • Equivalent to Porsche hydraulic fluid P/N
MFAQ: Can you mix Bilstein 08972 (CHF 7.1) mineral based hydraulic fluid with Pentosin CHF 11s synthetic based hydraulic fluid?
Audi Power Steering Hydraulic Fluid  - Vw Power Steering Fluid

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Vehicle Applications:
  1980-2007 Audi - All Models as Required
  1980-2007 Vw - All Models as Required

Technical Information:
Changing Audi and Vw power steering fluid every 30,000 miles extends the life of steering system components.

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