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Audi 80 Wheel Bearings - Audi 80 Front Wheel Bearing Kit
Front Audi Wheel Bearing Kit - 80, 90 1988-92
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Product Information:
A worn Audi 80/90 wheel bearing has specific symptoms. A loud humming noise or excessive play. When this loud humming noise begins to come from the front or rear wheel area and excessive play is prevalent in the wheel bearing hub unit, wheel bearing repair is inevitable. Our wheel bearing kits are the perfect choice and come with the necessary components needed to repair your 80/90 wheel bearing.

Improved Front Audi 80,90 Wheel Bearing Kit Includes:
Official OE Manufacturer FAG
  • Qty 1 75mm OD Round Press Fit Audi 80/90 Rear Wheel Bearing
  • 1 Wheel Bearing Axle Bolts
  • Appropriate Grade and Plated Hardware
More about FAG Wheel Bearings: This Audi wheel bearing kit is of the highest quality and has been manufactured with great precision by FAG. Built to the same exacting standards as FAG's original-equipment products, every FAG wheel bearing is engineered and built to thrive under pressure. FAG wheel bearings use proprietary OE ball and race bearing designs and materials. All bearings are packed with the highest quality grease and equipped with durable seal material.

Learn more about our Improved Double Seal Audi Wheel Bearings

Please Note: All of the wheel bearing kits we sell come with Blauparts' 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
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Vehicle Applications:
80 Sedan - Quattro - Fits Front
90 Sedan - Quattro w/ 2.3L 5 Cylinder 10 Valve Non-Turbocharged Engine - Fits Front
80 Sedan - Non-Quattro w/ 4 Cylinder Engine > Starting with Vin 373599 - Fits Front
90 Sedan - Non-Quattro w/ 4 Cylinder Engine - Fits Front > Starting with Vin 373599
80 Sedan - Non-Quattro w/ 5 Cylinder Engine - Fits Front
90 Sedan - Non-Quattro w/ 2.3L 5 Cylinder 10 Valve Non-Turbocharged Engine - Fits Front
Technical Information:
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Replacing an Audi 80,90 wheel bearing?
What is critical in order to avoid Audi 80, 90 wheel bearing failure and contribute to the long life of an Audi wheel bearing?

Replacing your Audi 80, 90 wheel bearings in pairs is convenient and can save you money in the long run! We've heard of many customers who have replaced one worn Audi 80, 90 front wheel bearing only to find that the other one goes bad a short while later.