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Audi A3 ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter Kit - 2006-13 w/ 6 Speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) -- 15% OFF --
Product Part Number:
G 052 182 A2
02E 305 051C
N 910 845 01
N 043 809 2
VAS 6262 alternative
Product Information:
Audi A3 Automatic Transmission Filter Fluid Kit Includes:
OEM Quality German Components
  • DSG Audi Automatic Transmission Filter
  • DSG Audi Transmission Filter O-Ring Seal
  • 2 DSG Transmission Fluid Drain / Fill Plug Sealing Washers
  • 6 Liters of German RAVENOL DSG Fluid. (Adequate quantity of fluid for complete fluid and filter change.) RAVENOL DSG fluid is specifically developed and engineered for 02E 6 Speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) transmissions used in this vehicle. The fluid meets VW TL 521 82 (parts number G 052 182 A2) specifications required for 02E 6 Speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) transmissions (aka dual clutch).
  • Blauparts Exclusive Free Bonus! 1 DSG Transmission Fluid Fill Adapter Tool Kit (This cost-effective tool can be used in place of Audi VW special tool VAS 6262. The tool connects to RAVENOL DSG fluid bottles and then to the DSG transmission allowing the transfer of DSG fluid to the transmission by gravity fill as specified by the factory)
  • Blauparts Detailed Step-by-Step How To Change Audi A3 DSG Transmission Fluid and Filter Replacement Instructions. Our how to instructions contain over 40 images of detailed step-by-step guidelines, including proper DSG transmission fluid leveling steps.
  • OFFICIAL DSG Transmission Fluid of the Audi Sport TT Cup Racing Series!
Important Information: According to the factory manual the DSG Audi A3 transmission fluid and filter should be changed every 40,000 miles. If driving in heavy city, hot weather, pulling, or other harsh driving conditions you may want to service every 30,000 miles. Read more about why hanging your Audi automatic transmission fluid is important.

Why do we supply 6 liters of DSG fluid in this transmission service kit? This transmission service kit is assembled for the factory recommended 40,000 mile service interval. During this service it is recommended to change the DSG filter and DSG fluid. The factory specified fluid service capacity for this service is 5.2 liters (5.4 quart). Other customers may be performing a DSG transmission rebuild or the installation of a new transmission. For this type of service the factory fluid capacity is 7.2 liters (7.4 quart). If you are performing a DSG transmisison rebuild or installing a new DSG transmission you will need two more liters of J1D2111-A. We always recommend using factory fluid capacity levels. This can minimize potential premature mechanical problems and greatly improve your vehicles mechanical longevity.
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This OFFICIAL Audi Sport TT Cup Racing Series RAVENOL DSG trans fluid
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Please ensure your vehicle is listed below.
Vehicle Applications:
A3 4dr Hatchback - Quattro w/ 2.0L 4 Cylinder 16 Valve Turbocharged Engine and 02E Transmission
A3 4dr Hatchback - Quattro w/ 3.2L 6 Cylinder 24 Valve VR6 Engine and 02E Transmission
A3 4dr Hatchback - Non-Quattro w/ 2.0L 4 Cylinder 16 Valve Turbocharged Engine and 02E Transmission
A3 4dr Hatchback - Non-Quattro w/ 2.0L 4 Cylinder 16 Valve TDI Diesel Engine and 02E Transmission
Technical Information:
Product Overview - Audi A3 DSG Transmission Change Kit