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Audi A6 Transmission Fluid Filter Change Kit - Audi A6 ATF - 12V
Audi A6 ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter Kit - 1995-97 w/ G 052 162 A2 Fluid (1995-98 Wagon)
Product Part Number:
Product Information:
Audi A6 Automatic Transmission Filter Fluid Kit Includes:
High Quality German Components
  • Automatic Transmission Filter
  • Filter to Valve Body Gasket
  • Oil Pan Gasket
  • Oil Drain Plug Gasket
  • Drain Pan Mounting Hardware
  • 3 Liters of of German Fully Synthetic Audi A6 Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)
    Fluid meets Audi VW TL52162 specifications and is equivalent to Audi part number VW G 052 162 A2
  • Detailed Installation Instructions
  • Polypropylene Output Pump Dispenser (Hand operated with clear dispensing hose used for transmission fluid transfer. This cost-effective tool can be used in place of Audi VW special tool VAG 1924.)
Please Note: Reference materials and customer preferences have been divided as to what type of ATF fluid is to be used in 4 speed transmissions on 1995-97 A6 model vehicles (including 1995-98 Wagon). The Audi Factory Manual publication (1996) indicates Dexron III fluid is to be used, yet some customers request the newer fluid spec that meets TL52162 specifications (Audi VW part number G 052 162 A2). This particular kit includes ATF fluid that is equivalent to Audi VW part number G 052 162 A2.

Important: Customers must determine their specific requirements before ordering and clearly designate that they want to use G 052 162 A2 in the field below.
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Type ATF G 052 162 A2 to confirm that you desire to use this type of fluid >>
Please ensure your vehicle is listed below.
Vehicle Applications:
A6 Sedan - Quattro w/ 2.8L 6 Cylinder 12 Valve Engine
A6 Sedan - Non-Quattro w/ 2.8L 6 Cylinder 12 Valve Engine
A6 Wagon - Quattro w/ 2.8L 6 Cylinder 12 Valve Engine
A6 Wagon - Non-Quattro w/ 2.8L 6 Cylinder 12 Valve Engine
Technical Information:
The amount of ATF fluid required to refill the transmission will vary depending on transmission temperature at the time of fluid draining. Customers may wish to purchase 1 extra liter of part # J1D2107-A just to be safe.