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Audi A3 Brake Pads - 2008-13 -  Rear 272MM
Audi Brake Pads - Rear - A3 2009-13 w/ 272mm OD Rotors - Textar
Product Part Number:
Product Information:
These brake pads are made by Textar. Textar has been the lead supplier of friction products to the world’s car manufacturers for almost a hundred years. Textar brake pads have been a constant feature throughout the history of the automotive industry, from the very first production vehicles to the newest cars on today’s market, with a continuous learning process helping to keep Textar at the forefront of technology. Textar is an OE brake pad supplier with a focus on quality, safety and superior braking comfort.

Textar Audi A3 Brake Pads - Rear 4 Pad Set
  • Composite Friction Material (Semi-Metallic)
  • Made in Europe and ECE-R-90 Approved
  • Hi-Performance Street
  • Low Dust
  • No Squeal
  • OE brake pad supplier
Please read for info on how to distinguish your brake pad style:
2009-2010 Audi A3 models have 4 completely different rear brake rotor and pad possibilities. They are not interchangeable. These models could have 253mm, 256mm, 272mm, and 282mm OD rear brake rotors. Each brake rotor diameter has a corresponding brake pad style to match with it. It is the responsibility of Audi A3 owners to determine their brake rotor diameter before ordering and clearly designate '272'mm OD rotors in the field below.
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Type '272mm' indicating that you've confirmed your brake rotor outer diameter is 272 millimeters.
Please ensure your vehicle is listed below.
Vehicle Applications:
A3 4dr Hatchback - Quattro w/ 2.0L 4 Cylinder 16 Valve Turbocharged Engine and 272mm OD Rotors
A3 4dr Hatchback - Quattro w/ 3.2L 6 Cylinder 24 Valve VR6 Engine and 272mm OD Rotors
A3 Hatchback - Non-Quattro w/ 2.0L 4 Cylinder 16 Valve Turbocharged Engine and 272mm OD Rotors
A3 4dr Hatchback - Non-Quattro w/ 2.0L 4 Cylinder 16 Valve TDI Diesel Engine and 272mm OD Rotors
Technical Information:
(Option 1) Confirm Audi A3 rear brake code is for 272mm style brake pads.

(Option 2) Measure the outer diameter of your brake rotor to confirm 272mm style brake pads. See our helpful 'How To Determine Your Audi Brake Setup' page (includes detailed explanation and pictures).