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Front Audi A6 Brake Pads - Audi A6 Brake Pads - C5 1999-04
Audi Brake Pads - Front - A6 1999-04 w/ 321mm OD Rotors and 8 Pcs Pad Set (T7S,1LX Brake Code - Girling Calipers) - Textar
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These Audi A6 brake pads are made by Textar. Textar has been the lead supplier of friction products to the world’s car manufacturers for almost a hundred years. Textar brake pads have been a constant feature throughout the history of the automotive industry, from the very first production vehicles to the newest cars on today’s market, with a continuous learning process helping to keep Textar at the forefront of technology. The Textar is an OE brake pad supplier with a focus on quality, safety and superior braking comfort.

Textar Audi A6 Brake Pads - Front 8 Pad Set
  • Composite Friction Material (Semi-Metallic)
  • Made in Europe and ECE-R-90 Approved
  • Hi-Performance Street
  • Low Dust
  • No Squeal
  • OE brake pad supplier
NOTE:Only fits vehicles with: 8 Front Brake Pads (NOT 4), Oval shaped wear sensor connectors (NOT Round), T7S and 1LX Brake Code with Girling Calipers, and 321mm OD Brake Rotors (NOT 312mm OD).
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Vehicle Applications:
A6 Sedan - Quattro w/ 2.7L 6 Cylinder 30 Valve Turbocharged Engine, 321mm Brake Rotors and 8 Piece Brake Pad Set - (Brake Code 1LX)
A6 Sedan - Quattro w/ 4.2L 8 Cylinder 40 Valve Engine, 321mm Brake Rotors and 8 Piece Brake Pad Set - (Brake Code T7S or 1LX - Girling Calipers)