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As a business we employ quality assurance disciplines. Blauparts believes in using statistical quality analysis with the philosophy of preventing problems before they're even detected. We work to employ these standards while endeavoring to improve the procedures used to supply you with the correct parts, highest quality parts, and best customer service every time. We're the nation's leading independent Audi parts and Vw parts specialist because of our belief in these philosophies and the dedication of our employees.

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What Does OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Mean?

As an independent Audi Vw parts specialist, we sell certifed OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. This means the part is made by a manufacturer that directly supplies Audi or Vw. It may also mean the part is made by a manufacturer that supplies some other European car manufacturer such as BMW, Volvo, or Mercedes-Benz etc. They can't be sold as Genuine 'OE' (original equipment) because they are not packaged in an OE box and don't come directly from a dealer. Rather, they come directly from the OE manufacturer.

Blauparts is dedicated to choosing only OE manufacturers that have been TUV / ISO 9001 / TS16949 certified. Supplying high quality parts that are manufactured by companies that have been certified to meet the following management standards is a must. Manufactures who supply the OE automobile industry undergo stringent quality assurance examinations and must provide the automaker with consistent and repeatable high quality manufactured products. Organizational disciplines in management, product design, and development are assured. This is especially crucial when supplying automobile manufacturers with key components

Brief explanations of some of the logos that may appear on the part boxes.

TUV -- TUV organizations are independent global providers of technical, safety and certification services.

ISO 9001 -- ISO 9001 is the world's most established quality framework, currently being used by around 897,000 organizations in 170 countries worldwide, and sets the standard for quality management systems.

ISO/TS 16949 -- Part of ISO 9001 standards that are specific to the automotive industry. These standards may also combine AVSQ (Italian), EAQF (French) and VDA 6.1 (German) automotive requirements. ISO/TS 16949 certification is often coupled with a vehicle manufacturer's specific requirements. Many leading vehicle manufacturers now require this certification, making it mandatory before they will even consider using a manufacturer to produce parts for them. It ensures that a manufacturer adheres to strict quality management standards. RELATED LINK: 16949


BLAU® Brand-Name Parts

In harmony with our 'We Care' core values, products labeled under the BLAU brand-name have been developed using ISO management disciplines in design, development, and sourcing processes. Blauparts sources with suppliers and manufacturers that share the same values and vision regarding providing nothing but the highest quality products.

For instance, our BLAU OEM style replacement coil springs are manufactured specifically for us by a leading manufacturer who supplies OE (original equipment) automobile manufacturers throughout the world. Our manufacturer has received ISO 9001, TS 16949 automotive, and AS aerospace quality system certifications. The manufacturer of BLAU springs is a leader in high performance suspension components and has a division specializing in supplying top race teams for over 27 years. Blauparts engineers teamed up with the spring manufacturers' engineering staff, where we combined our over 27 years of specialized Audi Vw knowledge base with theirs. The design approach was to replicate the original spring characteristics of ride height and ride quality for the matrix of vehicle applications. Development disciplines were employed in metallurgy, CAD design, CAE analysis, fatigue testing, and performance analysis. Original Audi spring rates were analyzed in detail, prototype springs were developed, along with vehicle fitment. Extensive testing was conducted, including race track sessions at Road America U.S.A.

Blauparts Reviews

Some reviews and feedback from Blauparts' customers regarding the quality of the parts and kits we sell:

"I've been thoroughly impressed by the quality of your company's parts, tools, information, and processes, and I expect that Blauparts will be my #1 choice for Audi parts for a long time to come." - Patrick M.

"You at Blauparts have been excellent to work with. I appreciate everything about it. The quality of parts, packaging, workmanship, instructions, technical support. Your genuine and compassion is obvious and duly noted. Thank you very much." - Thaddeus A.

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the quality products and service your company has provided. Based on this experience, I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone and will surely use you again." - Mary Ellen M.

"Thank you very much... greatly appreciated. Blauparts has exceeded their excellent reputation as an Audi specialist. The parts purchased and tools rented were great." - Michael M.

"Thanks for the great parts and great instructions." - Peter L.

"I'm impressed by the quality of the parts in the kit and am confident that the front end of my TDI are renewed and good for at least another 12 years! Thanks Blaufergnugen!" - Duane C.

"Not only are you a great source for quality parts, but also for expert technical assistance, advice and information." - Gene B.

"Thank you so much for providing a great quality product at a reasonable price and taking the time to include your knowledge and experience that would have cost me so much money to purchase. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." - Jesse V.

"Writing to say thank you. The parts are of excellent quality. I'm very pleased." - Phillip S.

"Your kits are great. Blauparts level of attention to detail is exceptional." - Jeff A.

"I just want to say doing business with your company has really been great. Every step of the way, your team has been incredibly professional and the products you supplied outstanding. I wish everyone I worked with conducted business in the same manner. Please pass on my comments to your entire team and keep up the excellent work." - Steve G.

"I only ask one thing of your company. Please, please, please don't ever sell your business or shut your doors! Blauparts is a godsend for an Audi nut like me!" - Micheal B.

Blauparts has created a special environment within the Audi and Vw world that can benefit you. Our over 27 years of personal Audi and Vw part removal and repair tech experience can save you time and money with our convenient kits. Blauparts provides you with legendary Audi parts and Vw parts service. Many of our kits include our BLAU installation tips to make the job easier for your mechanic. We want to help you save money and provide you with the best Audi parts and Vw parts service possible!


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