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Blauparts Customer Service ReviewsWhat makes Blauparts different?

We're not a generic oversized online retailer that only cares about a quick sale and the bottom line. Blauparts has become the nation's leading independent Audi / Vw parts specialist because 'We Care' and are committed to providing you with legendary Audi Vw customer service.

The beginnings of Blauparts was founded on a strong love for Audi and Vw. We started as a local brick & mortar business located in Wisconsin, where we sold and serviced Audi's and Vw's out of a small repair shop. While taking the time to listen to the needs of our customers, we began to send out newsletters with helpful Audi Vw maintenance information. Then came the internet. Our 1st email address was and in 1997 we acquired our 1st URL of We started to share our enthusiasm for Audi's and Vw's with others around the world. Some may remember our involvement at the Quattro Club Events at Road America in Elkhart Lake or our Project 4000 Quattro, appropriately called HotQuat. Blauparts has always been centered around one concept... "our mission is to make these fine vehicles of German engineering affordable to own. That means we have to save you money on OEM quality parts without compromising the ethics of German quality standards." That mission hasn't changed! By sticking to our core values, we've grown into a '1st the World Over' independent Audi Vw specialist.

Blauparts over 27 years of personal Audi and Vw part removal and repair tech experience will save you time and money with our comprehensive repair kits. Blauparts® strives to make owning an Audi or Vw easier with our installation instructions and service bulletins, which are included in many of our kits (but not all). We are committed to quality assurance standards through continual testing, to insure that your project is done right the first time.

Here are some of the advantages of allowing Blauparts to provide excellent service for you:

  • over 27 years of specialized Audi / Vw service and repair experience.
  • Our customer service team works extensively with our repair shop allowing Blauparts to offer a knowledgeable, personal, and trustworthy sales staff that is able to answer repair questions related to the kits we sell.
  • Routine maintenance in our service facility helps us offer technical tips and write-ups to our growing customer base.
  • Installation tips and advice included with many of our comprehensive repair kits.
  • Important Service Bulletins pertaining to select kits. Keeping you up-to-date with crucial repair information.
  • Tested and trusted. We only sell parts that we've hand tested and have installed in our own Audi Vw repair shop. WATCH THE VIDEO >>
  • The highest quality German and European parts, available at wholesale prices.
  • Huge inventory of quality parts on hand.
  • Updated and improved and Audi Vw parts.

Blauparts Reviews

Some reviews and feedback from Blauparts' customers regarding our legendary customer service and purchase experience:

"Awesome! Thank you for having awesome customer service. I really appreciate a company that is good at keeping its customers happy." -Adam M.

"Thank you. It says a lot about a company when they are so concerned about their customer's orders." - Alex S.

"I wanted to thank your staff for the truly excellent help. They were patient and helpful beyond expectations. Keith and the tech staff get high praise from this happy customer. Thanks again." - Gary O.

"Your operation is Awesome. Everyone I have talked to from my first call has been outstanding and extremely helpful!" Dave B.

“My kit arrived fast and with every part I ordered exactly how described. I was impressed! Wish I would have gotten the name of the person I talked to because the person is world class when it comes to customer service! I just wanted to say thank you and that I wish more people would go the extra mile like you guys do.” - Kevin C.

"Thank you so much! Your company is the absolute model of how to operate an outstanding business! Throughout the entire process of ordering parts, renting tools, and finally returning the tools for my deposit refund, the communication has been absolutely excellent! Congratulations and thank you for providing such fine service!" - Kerry

"Thank you for giving my situation consideration. Your understanding shows your company's integrity. I will always choose Blauparts for all my Audi Vw needs and will tell others of your exceptional service. Again, many thanks." - KC P.

"Just wanted to say thanks for your great support and service! I've purchased from you in the past and want you guys to know you make Audi owners without the money for repairs, really satisfied. Thank you sincerely!" Don H.

"WOW.... absolutely incredible! I placed my order on Friday at 1:08 and it was delivered Saturday at 2:07. I Googled the distance and it was more then 300 miles. Well done Blauparts and FedEx." - Kelly M.

"I only ask one thing of your company. Please, please, please don't ever sell your business or shut your doors! Blauparts is a godsend for an Audi nut like me!" - Micheal B.

"Just a quick note to let you guys know how awesome a job you do. Great customer service and great product offerings at great prices!" - Greg

"I am very satisfied with your having a kit that has all the necessary and correct parts, good pricing, prompt shipping, and excellent directions." - Jeffrey C.

"I just wanted to thank you for your great service kit and super fast shipping. I love your kit concept and will do business with you guys in the future. Thanks again and rest assured, I will be a repeat customer." - Jim F.

"I'm so pleased with your customer service and everything arrived to the West Coast within a week. Very fast shipping!" - Alberto R.

"Was super impressed with the level of service that you provided in processing my order and your general professionalism in helping to sort out any associated issues. Thanks!" - Peter F.

"Your kits are great. Blauparts level of attention to detail is exceptional." - Jeff A.

"It is customer service like this that has kept me returning to Blaufergnugen for my Audi parts for nearly 27 years!" - Paul R.

Blauparts has created a special environment within the Audi and Vw world that can benefit you. Our over 27 years of personal Audi and Vw part removal and repair tech experience can save you time and money with our convenient kits. Blauparts provides you with legendary Audi parts and Vw parts service. Many of our kits include our Blauparts installation tips to make the job easier for your mechanic. We want to help you save money and provide you with the best Audi parts and Vw parts service possible!


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