BLAUfergnugen's Attention to Detail

What makes Blauparts® different? Other mass Audi part outlets only care about a quick sale and the bottom line! We're friendly small town Wisconsin people who love to spend the time talking to Audi and Vw owners! We are always trying to find ways to make Audi's and Vw's more affordable to own without sacrificing quality and service.

Blauparts Audi Parts Details - Blauparts VW Parts Details - Checking BLAUfergnugen! pays attention to details. You'll notice the care we use in packaging your parts. Fragile items are inspected before shipping to prevent damage. We note on your packing slip where smaller parts are located in you package. Before your package leaves our building it has already been checked by three quality control inspectors. To us it's the little things that mean a lot. Is that important to you?

Blauparts Audi Parts Details - Blauparts VW Parts Details - Packaging In our facility we employ ISO 9001 quality assurance disciplines. Blauparts® believes in preventing a problem rather than detecting it too late. We work to employ this standard as we continually improve the process of supplying you with the best customer service and selling you the correct and highest quality parts everytime! Blauparts® is the nation's leading Audi parts and Vw parts specialists because of our belief in this philosophy and the dedication of our employees. We have our own service facility and use the quality TUV approved parts we sell. We can't afford any come backs in our shop. We ensure that we get the job done right the first time! Is that true of other Audi parts and Vw parts suppliers?

As an independent Audi Vw parts specialist, we sell "OEM" (original equipment manufacturer) quality parts. This means the part is made by a manufacturer that supplies Audi or Vw. It may also mean the part is made by a manufacturer that supplies some other European car manufacturer such as Lamborgini, Bmw, or Volvo. They can't be sold as Genuine "OE" (original equipment) because they are not packaged in an OE box and don't come directly from a dealer. Rather, they come directly from the manufacturer.

BLAUfergnugen! Inc. has created a special environment within the Audi / Vw world that benefits you! We've become the nation's leading independent Audi / Vw parts specialist because We Care  We aren't just another generic parts store, we specialize in Audi parts and Vw parts, selling high quality TUV approved German and European manufactured and designed parts! Blauparts® 27 years of personal Audi and Vw part removal and repair tech experience will save you time and money with our kits. Blauparts® can provide you with legendary Audi parts and Vw parts service! We also employ quality assurance standards to insure that it's done right the first time. You may also receive our installation tips with many of our kits to make the job easier for you. We want to help you save 50% to 80% off of retail prices. BLAUfergnugen! will provide you with legendary Audi parts and Vw parts service!

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