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Since 1946 Ravenol of Germany has been at the forefront of innovation creating the highest quality oils and lubricants specific to advanced engine and transmission designs. Ravenol is recognized throughout Europe as a leader in fluid technology, along with keeping up with ever changing fluid specifications. They've succeeded in meeting and often exceeding low emissions, optimal fuel economy, excellent engine protection, and performance requirements set out by leading European manufacturers. Not every oil company has accomplished the formidable task of gaining such formal approvals. Ravenol has formal approvals from leading vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volvo, ZF, and many more. Learn more about Ravenol here.
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Classified as high performance and energy conserving, Ravenol oils contain proprietary additives that offer unique profile characteristics specifically formulated for the advanced engine requirements of European cars. Most demanding German automotive owners want only the best motor oil. Blauparts believes in providing oils that are formulated and engineered to meet your car's stringent specifications.

Ravenol GL-4 and GL-5 gear oils are classified as high performance. Ravenol transmission fluids and gear oils are specifically engineered for European transmission requirements. Ravenol has formal approvals from ZF transmission, the world largest German transmission manufacturer.


Ravenol automatic transmission fluid is for the demanding owner who depends and expects the ultimate in German performance. High performance ATF with excellent anti-wear, corrosion resistance, oxidation, and thermal stability. Ravenol automatic transmission fluid has controlled friction properties that provide smooth and efficient shifting throughout the fluids life.

G12 Ravenol coolant is classified as a long life / lifetime antifreeze that provides stable and consistent corrosion protection for advanced high performance European engine designs and metal alloys. Ravenol antifreeze contains a unique OAT (organic acid technology) package that is phosphate, silicate, nitrite, borate, and amine free reducing overall acidity within the cooling system thus extending the life of related components.


Ravenol DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 are high performance brake fluids designed for vehicles fitted with modern braking and ABS systems. Ravenol brake fluid offers specially selected additives that provide optimum lubrication, efficiency, and outstanding all around braking. Designed for excellent resistance to moisture absorption and long-life 3 year change intervals.

Ravenol power steering fluids are high quality synthetic and mineral base hydraulic fluids formulated with special ashless additive packages. Ravenol hydraulic fluids provide improved viscosity and coefficient friction behavior helping to condition the seals and internals of your power steering hydraulic system.