VW Engine Oil - VW 500 00/501 00/502 00/505 00 - 10W-40
PRERELEASE: VW Engine Oil - 10W-40
Download PDF - Coming Soon! VW Engine Oil Formulated to VW 501 00 and VW 505 00 Approvals. Also Meets VW 500 00 and VW 502 00 Specs.
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Coming Soon! VW Engine Oil Formulated to VW 501 00 and VW 505 00 Approvals. Also Meets VW 500 00 and VW 502 00 Specs.

February 5, 2016

Subject: Ravenol TSI SAE 10W-40
Application: VW 500 00, VW 501 00, VW 502 00, VW 505 00 Oil Specification Requirements
Part Number: J1A1564-B (1 Liter)
Date: 2/5/2016

Blauparts would like to make a 'prerelease' announcement.

Soon to be available will be the SAE 10W-40 motor oil from RAVENOL of Germany. RAVENOL TSI will offer solutions for Volkswagen oil quality standards of VW 500 00, VW 501 00, VW 502 00, and VW 505 00. The product availability will be in one liter bottles. The expected availability date for RAVENOL TSI 10W-40 is 2/20/2016.

Made in Germany, RAVENOL TSI SAE 10W-40 is produced on the basis of choice blended hydrocrack oils and polyalphaolefins (PAO) synthetic. This corresponds to a highly advanced engine oil in order to guarantee great performance. It contains a high additive formulation to provide great engine protection, an energy-saving operation, and great viscosity adjustment.

The following features can be experienced with Ravenol TSI 10W-40 motor oil:
-High resistance to abrasion
-Fuel saving characteristics
-Excellent detergent and dispersal characteristics
-Prevention of black sludge formation
-Long endurance because of high oxidation stability
-Excellent cold start performance
-Very good viscosity-temperature behavior
-Low evaporation tendency
-Suitable for catalysts

OEM Approvals:
-Mercedes-Benz MB 229.1
-VW 501 00
-VW 505 00
-BMW Special Oil
-Licensed: API SN, API SM

Meets and Exceeds:
-VW 502 00
-VW 500 00
-SAE 10w40

Note: Consult your service manual and confirm the specific VW engine oil specification requirements for your vw engine type.

We hope all BLAU NEWS readers have found this prerelease informative. We wish to thank all our customers for their continued support! Feel free to contact us for any more information.

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About Ravenol Oil:
Ravenol oil is 100% genuine German. Manufactured and bottled in Germany since 1946! Ravenol mixes and bottles their own proprietary premium blend and brand of oils to the highest European O.E.M quality standards. Ravenol oils are unique in that they have TOTAL CONTROL over the QUALITY during their manufacturing process. Their lubricants are manufactured within their own refinery and factory in Germany to the highest European O.E.M quality standards and have been awarded many O.E.M APPROVALS for superior quality.