VW CC DSG Transmission Fluid Filter Change Kit - How To Instructions
PRODUCT UPDATE: VW CC DSG Transmission Fluid Filter Kit
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How To Instructions Now Included!

January 4, 2016

Subject: VW DSG Transmission Fluid Filter Change Instruction
Application: 2010-14 Volkswagen CC w/DSG Transmissions
Part Number: F2A1015-G
Release Date: 1/4/2016

Blauparts is pleased to announce a product update for our VW CC DSG Transmission Fluid Filter Change Kit.

As of 1/1/2016 this kit will include detailed step-by-step instructions on how to change the Volkswagen CC DSG transmission fluid and filter. The how to instructions feature over 40 detailed images to guide individuals through the DSG transmission service. This will give CC owners an opportunity for cost savings when performing the scheduled VW CC 40,000 mile DSG transmission service.

VW CC DSG Transmission Filter Fluid Kit Includes:
- DSG VW DSG Transmission Filter
- DSG VW Transmission Filter O-Ring Seal
- 2 DSG Transmission Fluid Drain / Fill Plug Sealing Washers
- 6 Liters of German Ravenol DSG Fluid. (Adequate quantity of fluid for complete fluid and filter change.) Ravenol DSG fluid is specifically developed and engineered for 02E 6 Speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) transmissions used in this vehicle. The fluid meets VW TL 521 82 (parts number G 052 182 A2) specifications required for 02E 6 Speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) transmissions (aka dual clutch).
- Blauparts Exclusive Free Bonus! 1 DSG Transmission Fluid Fill Adapter Tool Kit (This cost-effective tool can be used in place of Audi Vw special tool VAS 6262. The tool connects to Ravenol DSG fluid bottles and then to the DSG transmission allowing the transfer of DSG fluid to the transmission by gravity fill as specified by the factory)
- Blauparts Detailed Step-by-Step How To Change VW CC DSG Transmission Fluid and Filter Replacement Instructions. Our how to instructions contain over 40 images of detailed step-by-step guidelines, including proper DSG transmission fluid leveling steps.

BLAU VW CC DSG Transmission Fluid Filter Kit Applications:
2010-2014 Volkswagen CC - 2WD w/ 2.0L 4 Cylinder 16 Valve Turbocharged Engine

We hope the incorporation of the DSG how to instructions will allow for an easier service of your VW CC transmission. We wish to thank all our customers for their continued support! Feel free to contact us with any questions on our Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter Kits.

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1st Blauparts is 1st the World Over® in Audi and Volkswagen Transmission Fluid Filter Change Kit Concepts! Using our hands-on experience in our own service shop, we created and started selling transmission service kits back in the late 1990s for the old VW and Audi 3 and 4 speed transmissions. We include all needed components made by official OEM manufacturers of the highest quality.

More About Ravenol Transmission Fluid: Ravenol transmission fluid is 100% genuine German. Manufactured and bottled in Germany since 1946! Ravenol mixes and bottles their own proprietary blend and brand of DSG transmission lubricants to the highest European O.E. quality standards. Ravenol is unique in that they have TOTAL CONTROL over the QUALITY during their manufacturing process. Their lubricants are manufactured within their own refinery and factory in Germany to the highest European O.E. quality standards and have been awarded many O.E. APPROVALS for superior quality.

Important Information: The factory recommended DSG VW CC transmission fluid and filter changed should be every 40,000 miles. If driving in heavy city, hot weather, pulling, or other harsh driving conditions you may want to service every 30,000-35,000 miles.

More information regarding why changing your VW transmission fluid is important.