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NEW PRODUCT: Oil Filling Jug - 6 Liters
Download PDF - The Perfect Compliment To Ravenol Bag In Box Oil Containers!
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The Perfect Compliment To Ravenol Bag In Box Oil Containers!

December 14, 2015

Subject: Oil Filling Jug
Application: All Oil Change Applications When An Oil Filling Jug Is Needed (Use With Ravenol Bag In Box)
Part Number: T1A1004
Release Date: 12/14/2015

Blauparts is happy to make available the perfect oil filling measurement jug. This Oil filling measurement jug is the perfect compliment to the Ravenol Bag In Box oil container concept. This oil jug works great with the 20 Liter Ravenol Bag In Box oil container and gives customers an option for long term savings when it comes to oil change services.The oil filling container allows of accurate oil filling and measurements for any quick oil change service needs.

Oil Jug Features:
-6 liter and 6 quart capacity
-Measures in both quarts and liters
-Built in plastic handle
-Flex spout (storable inside container)
-Screw-on caps to prevent spillage and fluid contamination

More About Ravenol Bag In Box: The RAVENOL BAG IN BOX system is made up of a robust outer box and a plastic bag with an integrated outlet tap. This container system ensures both safe transport of Ravenol's high-quality lubricants, space-saving and sustainable disposal of the packaging components. Once the bag is empty, it can be easily taken from the outer box. The box can be collapsed and recycled well the bag can be disposed. The system saves up to 80% space with the empty packages as compared to other oil canisters of the same package size as well as simple disposal.

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