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Download PDF - 0W-40 oil now available for VW 502 00 and VW 505 00 applications!
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0W-40 oil now available for VW 502 00 and VW 505 00 applications!

October 26, 2015

Subject: Ravenol SSL 0W-40
Application: VW 502 00, VW 505 00 Specification
Part Number: J1A1555-B (1 Liter), J1A1557-B (5L), J1A1557-04-B (5L Case of 4)
Release Date: 10/26/2015

Blauparts would like to announce the German bottled and engineered Ravenol SSL engine oil. Ravenol Super Synthetic Oil SSL is a fully synthetic low friction SAE 0W-40 oil for vehicles with and without turbochargers. It is formulated with special highly effective additives to offer great lubrication with excellent oil penetration properties. We managed to combine the properties for an excellent oil flow and protection during the engine's cold running phase due to the SAE 0W. Also great protection and reliability is had in heavy engine load situations with the SAE 40. This combination makes for an extraordinary and all around great motor oil.

The following features can be experienced with Ravenol SSL 0W40:
-Excellent cold starting behavior
-Fuel saving characteristics for part and full load
-Very stable and excellent viscosity behavior
-Good shear stability
-Safe smear layer at very high operating temperatures
-Excellent detergent and dispersant properties
-Broad protection against wear, corrosion and foaming
-Excellent aging stability
-Low evaporation loss
-Excellent engine cleanliness

OEM Approvals:
-Mercedes-Benz MB 229.5
-Porsche A40
-VW 502 00
-VW 505 00
-Renault RN0700
-Renault RN0710
-Licensed: API SN

Meets and Exceeds:
-Mercedes-Benz MB 229.3
-BMW Longlife-01
-SAE 5w30

Throughout our 25 years of hands on Audi and VW experience our vision and success is driven by a passionate commitment to providing the highest quality parts and oils. The Ravenol fluids and oil have proved to be an excellent product. We feel our customers will appreciate the Ravenol SSL 0W-40. We wish to thank all our loyal customers for their continued support and feel free to contact us for any of your oil and fluid needs.

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About Ravenol Oil: Ravenol oil is 100% genuine German. Manufactured and bottled in Germany since 1946! Ravenol mixes and bottles their own proprietary premium blend and brand of oils to the highest European OEM quality standards. Ravenol oils are unique in that they have TOTAL CONTROL over the QUALITY during their manufacturing process. Their lubricants are manufactured within their own refinery and factory in Germany to the highest European OEM quality standards and have been awarded many OEM APPROVALS for superior quality.