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NEW PRODUCT: Audi RS4 Control Arm Kit - Lower
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Audi RS4 Lower Driver Side Control Arm Kits Now Available!

October 6, 2015

Subject: Audi Lower Control Arm Kit Options
Application: 2007-2008 Audi RS4 (B7 Platform)
Part Number: MA11216-C (DS), MA11217-C (PS)
Release Date: 10/6/2015

Blauparts' and our partner Ocap of Italy are pleased to make available our Audi RS4 Lower Control Arm Kit for 2007-2008 B7 platform RS4 models. We package all the control arms and suspension parts together in a convenient kit with everything you need to replace your squeaking or noisy front Audi RS4 control arms. This specific control arm kit is assembled to service the driver side of the vehicle.

Audi RS4 Control Arm Kit Includes:
Qty - 1 Lower Control Arm - Forward Position
Qty - 1 Lower Control Arm - Rearmost Position
Qty - 1 Required Hardware For Ease Of Installation and Anti-seize

With 25+ years of Audi repair experience will save you time and money with our comprehensive Audi RS4 control arm kits. Replacing your Audi RS4 control arms one by one can cost more money in the long term. If some of the control arms are on their way out, the others aren't far behind. You will save big on installation labor costs when your technician replaces all of your control arms at one time with our convenient control arm kits.

Blauparts remains committed to our vision of supplying the highest quality products to our customers and the best customer service. Please feel free to contact us with any more questions or information on our Audi RS4 control arm kits.

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Blauparts and Ocap of Italy have teamed up to offer the highest OE quality control arm kits for your Audi or VW. They are an O.E. (original equipment) supplier to VW Audi Group (VAG). This means that they are a direct supplier of suspension components for Audi and VW, along with their other exotic high performance companies Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Porsche.

Many discerning Audi and VW owners care about the quality of the control arms they use on their car. Our “We Care” customer pledge is evident in the quality OE design and materials used in our Ocap control arm kits. Blauparts Ocap control arm aluminium alloy 6082 material, bushings, ball pins, Klüber grease, rubber seal bellows, and plastic shells have all been made under VW Audi Group (VAG) requirements. Take advantage of the very best in quality control arms at Blauparts.