German Motor Oils - Ravenol Bag In Box - 20 Liters
NEW PRODUCT: Ravenol Motor Oil - Bag In Box
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New Ravenol Oil Bag In Box Container System!

April 7, 2015

Subject: Ravenol Bag In Box
Application: Ravenol VMP 5W30 Motor Oil, Ravenol VMO 5W40 Motor Oil, Ravenol HCL 5W30 Motor Oil
Part Number: Follow Link At Bottom Of Page
Release Date: 4/7/2015

Blauparts is pleased to make available the Ravenol Bag In Box container system!

The Ravenol Bag In Box concept offers an optimized and sustainable container system for 20 liter packages in connection with a shelf system for clean and structured storage and simple product bottling. The Ravenol Bag in Box system is made up of a robust outer box and a plastic bag with an integrated outlet tap. This container system ensures both safe transport of Ravenols high-quality lubricants, space-saving, and sustainable disposal of the packaging components. Once the bag is empty, it can be easily taken from the outer box. The box can be recycled as the plastic bag can be easily disposed. The Bag In Box system saves up to 80% space with the empty packages as compared to other popular 20 liter canisters of the same package size. The space-saving shelf option with fastening casters offers a storage capacity of 2 x 5 Bag In Box bundles and is equipped with a dripping trough that can be removed to dispose of residues and for cleaning, the outlet taps of the bundles are suspended in a groove strip, which ensures simple and clean bottling of the product.

Currently Available:
Ravenol VMP 5W30 - 20 Liter Bag In Box
Ravenol HCL 5W30 - 20 Liter Bag In Box
Ravenol VMO 5W40 - 20 Liter Bag In Box

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