VW ATF G 055 540 A2 - VW Transmission Fluid - Aisin Warner ATF
PRERELEASE: VW Transmission Fluid - ATF G 055 540 A2
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VW ATF - G 055 540 A2 - 1L VW ATF - G 055 540 A2 - 1L Case of 12

Coming Soon! VW ATF G 055 540 A2 From Ravenol!

February 27, 2015

Subject: Ravenol T-WS
Application: G 055 540 A2, Aisin Warner Automatic Gearbox ab 2008
Part Number: J1D2122-B (1 Liter), J1D2122-12B (Case of 12)
Release Date: 2/27/2015
Expected Availability Date: 3/16/2015

Blauparts would like to make a 'prerelease' announcement.

Soon to be available will be Volkswagen ATF specification G 055 540 A2 from Ravenol of Germany. Ravenol T-WS is a premium fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid crafted in Germany. It is particularly designed for the Aisin Warner transmissions equipped in select VW models. Ravenol T-WS meets VW fluid specifications for Aisin Warner 6 and 8 Speed automatic transmissions and is equivalent to VW automatic transmission fluid OE part number G 055 540 A2.

Ravenol VW Automatic Transmission Fluid Features:
-Phenomenal resistance to lubrication failure under hard operating conditions
-Better durability allowing for longer ATF change intervals
-Great resistance to oil sludge and deposit accumulation
-Excellent oxidation resistance and thermic stability
-Superior corrosion protection, better foaming resistance allowing for smooth shifting operation
-Lower corrosion of bearings, sleeves, couplings, and gear wheels
-Excellent flow behaviour at cold temperatures
-Constant friction optimization performance characteristics
-Improved shear stability

Other Ravenol T-WS Specifications:
-Aisin Warner Automatic Gearbox ab 2008
-Audi/VW G 055 540 A1
-Audi/VW G 055 540 A2
-Audi/VW G 055 540 A6
-VOLVO 31256774
-VOLVO 31256775
-VOLVO 31256776
-Toyota 08886-02305
-Toyota 00289-ATFWS
-Toyota 08886-81210
-Toyota JWS3324
-Lexus JWS3324
-Chrysler 05189978AA
-Chrysler 05189979AA
-Chrysler Mopar AS68RC
-ISUZU 2-90531-200-0
-ISUZU 2-90531-201-0

Note: Always consult your service manual and confirm the specific ATF oil specification requirements for your make and model.

We hope all BLAU NEWS readers have found this prerelease informative. We wish to thank all our customers for their continued support! Feel free to contact us for any more information on the product we offer.

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