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SERVICE BULLETIN: Audi VW Suspension Noises
Download PDF - Subject: Trouble shooting suspension noises immediately after or shortly there after the installation of BLAU Struts and Shocks
audi vw suspension noise

Subject: Trouble shooting suspension noises immediately after or shortly there after the installation of BLAU Struts and Shocks

May 13, 2014

Application: All Blau strut and shocks for Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Volvo Models.
Release Date: 05.04.2014
Customer Complaint: I have a squeak, creak or knocking noise after I installed your struts or shocks, I think your BLAU shocks are bad?

We understand the frustration our customers feel when they have suspension noises soon after installing our shocks and sympathize with your frustration. Please review the following information with your mechanic and perform the following suggestions before assuming your shocks are bad.

Introduction To Trouble shooting Guidelines:
* If you are experiencing suspension noises you will need to inspect all strut and shock related suspension components, which is collectively called the suspension system.

* A suspension component could simulate what might seem to be a strut or shock absorber noise. Using the process of step by step or piece by piece elimination and diagnosis may lead to your discovery of other related suspension system component(s) being the cause of the noises.

* When mechanics install new struts and shocks, other suspension components related to the suspension system are removed, disassembled and then reassembled. Thus, the suspension system has been tampered with or has been altered from its original state, from that of what is was prior to the installation of new struts and shocks. Consequently suspension system components (i.e. control arms, ball joints, tie rods, sway bar links, strut mounts, springs etc.) may have been altered or damaged during the removal process and then reinstalled causing the suspension noises. The mechanics techniques for removing these components to facilitate the installation of the new shocks can vary. Installation techniques and procedure vary from mechanic to mechanic. Depending on the mechanic, proper or improper dis-assembly and re-assembly techniques may have been used.

* Your struts or shock absorbers have connectivity with other suspension parts which are performing functions that are connected to relationships and the behavior of other suspension components.

* Prior to your purchasing and installing BLAU shock and struts was your vehicle experiencing suspension noises?

* Special note regarding Audi A4, A6 and VW Passat Models with multi link front control arm suspension:
The design of the multiple link front control arm suspension system is very complex on these models. In many respects this suspension system is unlike any other suspension system in the automotive industry. With 16 or more moving joints in the system, all of which could cause squeaking. Depending on the mechanics installation procedure both upper and lower control arms may have been removed with the installation of front shocks and could now be causing suspension noises. Consider other components such as sway-bar links, shock springs, mounts or even the sub frame bushings, motor or transmission mounts, all of which can cause noises. Click the related links below for diagrams of the complex Audi and VW suspension systems.

* For example Audi, VW, BMW and Volvo suspension system components include:
Shock absorbers, suspension springs, upper and lower spring packing, upper shock or strut mounts, upper and or lower control arms. control arm ball joints,control arm bushings, sway bars and sway bar links with bushings or ball joint, Steering tie rods etc.

BLAU Shock installation and troubleshooting check list:
1) Were new shock accessories installed (i.e. upper strut or shock mounts mounts)? Reusing old shock accessories and strut mounts and strut mount bearings may cause squeaks and rattles.

2) Were the special tools used as recommended by the factory service manual to properly torque the various suspension components and shock accessories to specification (i.e. strut mounts securing hardware)? Not tightening suspension components to specification can result in knocks and rattles.

3) Are the bump stops installed correctly? Incorrectly installed bump stops that are not free, or binding on the shock absorbers chrome shock shaft can cause squeaks.

4) Were other suspension components tampered with during shock installation and were they replaced correctly? Were any components heated up to facilitate removal and reuse? These could have been damaged during the heating process and now are loose or lack lubrication. i.e. control arm ball joints and tie rod ends and bushings.

5) Did the mechanic use a hammer on suspension components on an effort to loosen or remove them during disassemble? Hammering on suspension components can damage them. Especially control arm ball joints.

6) Were any of the control arms, control arm bushings , ball joints, tie rods, sway bar links, etc. discovered during installation to be damaged worn or loose? Reusing damaged or worn suspension components can cause suspension noise/squeaks.

7) Upon reassembly were all suspension components mounting bolts tightened with the suspension loaded? (on the ground). Tightening suspension components in the un-sprung (vehicle off of the ground) position can cause suspension component binding, and or rotating suspension bushings damaging them and cause suspension noise/squeaks. Suspension components MUST be tightened with the suspension in the loaded position or on the ground (this is the suspensions normal rotational working position).

8) Were all shock related components (upper and lower spring perch rubber mounts, washers, spacers, strut mounts re-installed in the original correct stack up and or orientation? Missing, Incorrectly placed, and incorrect orientation of suspension/shock components can cause suspension noises and squeaks.

9) Were the coil springs inspected to determine if the last 1-3 inches of the coil has not broken off (lower portion of the spring, that makes contact with the LOWER spring perch). It is not uncommon for vehicles older than 10 years to have this occur. Springs with 1-3 inches of the lower coil missing can not seat properly in the spring perch, causing uneven vehicle ride height, suspension binding, and suspension noises and squeaks.

10) If suspension noises persist we recommend you disassemble the suspension system again and inspect all components as mentioned and described in steps 1-9 above to isolate the suspension noise.

Please Note: While it is possible to have a defective new shock or strut, Experience has shown troubleshooting suspension noises shortly after the installation of new struts or shocks most of the time is NOT the fault of new shocks and struts. BLAU struts and shock are manufactured to exacting quality standards. Each shock is thoroughly performance tested at the factory.

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