VW Beetle Oil Change Kit - 2.0T - 5W30
NEW PRODUCT: VW Beetle Oil Change Kit, 2.0tsi 5w30
Download PDF - BLAU VW Beetle Oil Change Kit for 2.0tsi engines 2012+, Meets VW 502 00 Oil Specification
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Vw Beetle Motor Oil Change Kit - 2012-13 w/ 4 Cylinder 2.0T Engine - 5w30

BLAU VW Beetle Oil Change Kit for 2.0tsi engines 2012+, Meets VW 502 00 Oil Specification

August 1, 2013

Subject: Beetle Oil Change Kit, SAE 5w30
Application: Beetle 2.0tsi, 2012+
Part Number: J1A5087-L
Release Date: 8/1/2013

VW Beetle oil change kit now available for Beetle 2.0tsi engines.

Keep your new Beetle maintenance up to date with Ravenol HPS oil which meets VW 502 00 specs, an OEM oil filter, and a fresh oil pan drain plug with built in crush washer.

Ravenol HPS 5w30 is a modern high performance low friction motor oil due to its synthetic hydrocrack and an innovative additive formula with CleanCynto technology. Ravenol HPS is a great all around oil offering your Beetle engine great oil film, and shear stability. Internal engine cleanliness can be experienced with protection from engine carbon, lacquer, and sludge deposit buildup.

Factory Approvals:
BMW Longlife-98

VW 502 00
VW 505 00
MB 229.3
Porsche C30

Note: 2013 Beetle owners must confirm their manufacture date due to the oil filter type. This oil change kit fits models with a manufactured date through 3/2013. Customers can also confirm spin-on style oil filter 06J 115 403J.

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