PRODUCT UPDATE: Ravenol VMO Oil, New Bottle - Ravenol VMO Oil, New Updated Bottle and Label
PRODUCT UPDATE: Ravenol VMO Oil, New Bottle
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Ravenol VMO Oil, New Updated Bottle and Label

July 9, 2013

Subject: Ravenol VMO Oil, New Updated Bottle and Label
Application: Vw 502 00, Vw 505 00, Vw 505 01, BMW Longlife-04, MB 229.31, Porsche A40, Ford WSS M2C 917A, Fiat 9.55535-S2
Part Number: J1A1514 (5L), J1A1514-04 (4x5L)
Release Date: 7/8/2013

Blauparts would like to introduce the new Ravenol bottling and labeling for Ravenol VMO oil. Available in 5 liter bottles.

Some of the cool features of Ravenol's new bottles and labeling are as follows:

Bottle Features:
-Special pour spout prevents air bubbles from forming, making pouring the lubricant simple, clean, and efficient.
-Large ergonomically designed handle is just right for any size hand.
-Different container colors allow you to easily identify the oil types: Gold = Fully synthetic, Silver = Semi synthetic, Yellow = Mineral.
-The security anti-tamper cap lets you know that the lubricant is completely new and untouched.
-The security cap consists of a pull-out spout for precise pouring of the lubricant. Simply pull on the double-strip cap.
-Attractive textured surface makes using the container easier, even with oily hands.
-The futuristic designed container underlines the high-quality oil and sporting image.
-Secure handling, with an additional recessed grip underneath the container for simple and efficient use
-Transparent side stripes with embossed liter values indicate exactly how much lubricant is in the container.
-The "Made in Germany" stamp, an assurance of quality.

Label Features:
-Counterfeit product security offers RAVENOL-GERMANY-ORIGINAL hidden under UV light.
-Chrome Hologram for counterfeit product security.
-Peel off rear label with 9 languages.
-Large RAVENOL logo provides clear recognition, displaying the internationally known lubricant brand.
-Easy to read technical specifications and manufacturer approvals at a glance.

Blauparts is a values based company. We hold true to our vision of supplying the highest quality products to our customers and the best customer service. We're confident our customers will be pleased with the new features of the updated Ravenol VMO bottles! We wish to thank all of our loyal customers for their continued support for the past 24 years.

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