OFFICIAL O.E. Audi TT Timing Belt Parts for 1.8T 20 Valve Models

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Should I go with original Audi parts? Most customers want O.E. original equipment parts, but can't afford to go to the dealer and pay full retail. What are the name brands of timing parts used on the Audi TT 1.8T engines?

What Does BLAU OFFICIAL O.E.™ Mean?

BLAU OFFICIAL O.E.™ means that we have established a direct relationship with an original equipment (O.E.) supplier. Schaeffler Group supplies original equipment parts directly to VAG.

Gen II BLAU® Audi TT Timing Belt Replacement Kits for the 1.8T engine contain a preassembled INA timing belt BASE kit. The timing belt, timing belt tensioner, damper, and hardware contained in this BASE kit are the same as those directly supplied to VAG.OFFICIAL O.E. INA Audi TT Timing Belt Kit


Audi TT Timing Belt Kits for 1.8T 20 Valve Engine

• INA Gates Audi TT Timing Belt
• NTN Audi TT Timing Belt Tensioner w/ Hardware
• NTN Audi TT Timing Belt Hydraulic Tensioning Damper w/ Idler
• Timing Belt Service Interval Sticker

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What makes BLAU OFFICIAL O.E.™ INA kits different from others?

Schaeffler refuses to supply aftermarket components in their preassembled INA kits. You will only find the OFFICIAL O.E. manufactured timing belt and timing belt tensioner, the same as those provided to VAG.

Some reputable O.E. manufacturers have released similar preassembled timing belt kits into the market. Many claim to be supplying O.E., but are in fact substituting select components and include non-O.E. and/or aftermarket parts inside these pre-boxed kits.

Schaeffler INA Audi Parts History

Absolute Quality Control Through A Direct Supply Chain

Our partner, Schaeffler Group Automotive, is one of Germany's and Europe's largest industrial automotive companies who have been manufacturing timing belt components under the OFFICIAL O.E. INA brand for decades. Partnership with an O.E. manufacturer means Blauparts can ensure absolute quality control through a direct supply chain. >> Read more about Schaeffler.

Winning Team Schaeffler INA. Audi and Schaeffler Extend Successful DTM Partnership by Three Years. DTM Champ 'Rocky' Running in Schaeffler Colors again in 2014. >> Read more.

Counterfeit Bearings?

Are you wondering why your Audi TT timing belt tensioner components didn't last as long as the original? Where did you get your parts? A large online marketplace, selling everything from used goods to sports memorabilia? Or a huge automobile parts store that sells auto parts for every car under the sun? Many of these generic stores don't get their parts directly from the manufacturer and source their parts from unknown suppliers. There is a possibility that you thought you were getting a name-brand part, but in fact received a counterfeit.

Fake BearingsDid you know that there is a problem with counterfeit bearings on the market. Read about Schaeffler destroying 26 tons of counterfeit rolling bearings.

You won't have to worry about counterfeit bearings with our BASE BLAU OFFICIAL O.E.™ INA Audi TT Timing Belt Kits. A direct partnership with Schaeffler, an O.E. manufacturer, means Blauparts can ensure absolute quality control through a direct supply chain.

How To Make OFFICIAL O.E. Components Last!

Keys to the long-life of your new timing belt components after timing belt replacement. Make your new parts last! You can expect your new BLAU OFFICIAL O.E.™ components to last the specified 75,000 mile interval if the following important steps were taken: Audi TT Timing Belt Part Life Expectancy

1) Timing belt service was performed using BLAU OFFICIAL O.E.™ components. The same timing belt and timing belt tensioner that were fitted on your Audi TT from the factory, which are engineered to meet factory interval requirements.

2) Timing belt service was performed by an experienced competent ASE certified Audi mechanic who is familiar with your specific 1.8T engine.

3) Factory service procedures must be strictly followed. Even if installing the best parts, using improper procedures can shorten their life span. Incorrect installation or missteps during timing belt service are often done without intent and aren't noticed until further down the road. Fortunately, some common mishaps are noticed after re-assembly and during the final engine rotational timing sequences.

Various Audi TT timing belt component life spans. In our own service facility, we've seen a few original timing belts last over 100,000 miles and others ready to break before 75,000 miles. In addition to mileage there are other factors that age the timing belt and related components. The following are some reasons why you see the difference in how long an Audi TT timing belt and related components last: (1) un-logged engine idle times and sitting in traffic; (2) warm-up time in cold weather; (3) environmental climate factors; (4) related engine maintenance that may have been overlooked.