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BLAU™ Audi A6 Timing Belt Kits - Only from the nations leading independent Audi A6 timing belt kit replacement specialist.

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Blauparts™ comprehensive Audi A6 timing belt kits make timing belt service easier. Save up to 70% off retail pricing on Audi A6 timing belt parts. When performing crucial Audi A6 timing belt or Audi water pump replacement, choose our custom created Audi timing belt kits and save time and money. Blauparts™ provides legendary Audi A6 timing belt part service!

What makes our kits exceptional? Blauparts™ is 1st the world over in Audi timing belt kit concepts! Using our hands-on experience, we created and started selling timing belt kits back in the 1990's. For over 27 years we've been performing Audi timing belt replacement in our own independent service facility on customer cars as well as our own test vehicles. We have replaced Audi timing belt components on models ranging from the Ur quattro's to A8's. We're familiar with the detailed workings (ins & outs) of Audi and Vw engines. This real life experience has helped us create timing belt kits that are specific to each model, including everything you'll need to make your installation go smoothly! As an independent Audi specialist, we truly understand how important timing belt maintenance is.

Purchase with confidence! In Blauparts™ service facility, we cannot afford to cut corners on Audi A6 timing belt repair! You don't want your Audi A6 timing belt, tensioner(s), or water pump to fail when you least expect it because of poor quality. The components in our timing belt kits are the very same ones that we use in our service facility on a daily basis. Our comprehensive kits feature the highest OEM (original equipment manufacturer) quality parts. Blauparts™ is dedicated to choosing timing belt part manufactures that have been TUV / ISO 9001 / TS16949 certified. That's what you'll find in every one of Blauparts™ Audi A6 timing belts kit!

Above and Beyond. Blauparts™ doesn't just stop with supplying the very best OEM components. We back it up with several quality control disciplines which focus on prevention rather than detection by employing ISO quality disciplines within our organization. Critical OEM components such as timing belt tensioners are double checked. Blauparts™ confirms reliability by running the OEM tensioners on our test benches for a minimum of 100,000 miles and beyond.

Blauparts™ Mission. Our goal is to make your Audi A6 timing belt repair job a success. Preventing any possible problems during this crucial repair is our number one priority. We care about our customers and this is reflected in the amount of work that is put into every one of our timing belt kits. We've designed our Audi A6 timing belt kits with easy installation and long term reliability in mind. We're confident that after you receive our kit you'll agree that it's the most complete and highest quality one on the market!

2.8L 12V Audi A6 Timing Belt Kits Include:

Depending on model and kit type,
each kit includes different components.

  • 1 Audi A6 Timing Belt
  • 2 Audi A6 Timing Belt Tensioner Idlers
  • 1 Audi A6 Water Pump w/ Gasket
  • 1 Audi A6 Viton Front Crankshaft Seal
  • 2 Audi A6 Viton Camshaft Seal
  • 6 Liters G12 Plus German Antifreeze (4 - 1.5L Bottles)
    Appropriate amount for complete cooling system flush.
  • Blauparts™ Detailed Audi A6 Timing Belt Instructions
    (Incl. front bumper removal) Numerous pages with over
    20 images of detailed step-by-step guidelines!
    FREE Serpentine Belt (Not Shown)
    FREE Thermostat w/ O-Ring
    FREE Gift Package

    Some extras that you'll really appreciate!

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  • Helpful Installation Instructions
    We also include Audi A6 timing belt installation tips, developed by our master technicians. These instructions include numerous pages and images of detailed guidelines! All of this will save your Audi mechanic time and you money! Blauparts™ recommends that a factory trained ASE Audi Vw certified technician install your timing belt parts, using the proper procedures and tools.
  • Important Service Bulletins
    Keeping you up-to-date with crucial repair information.
  • Special Audi A6 Timing Belt Tool Kits
    When purchasing one of our Audi A6 timing belt kits you have the option of renting our corresponding Audi timing belt tool rental kit. These useful kits are designed specifically with your model in mind and include all the required special tools for this crucial repair.
  • Legendary Customer Service
    Our goal is to make your timing belt repair job a success. Our knowledgeable customer service techs are here to help you if you have any questions. Phone 920.758.3232

Important Information

When performing Audi A6 timing belt replacement,
is it important to replace all of these other related components?

Just changing the Audi A6 timing belt isn't enough. Why? Most Audi A6 timing belt failures can be caused by worn timing belt tensioners and idlers. If you just replace the Audi A6 timing belt, a thousand miles later it can fail due to a worn timing belt tensioner, idler or roller causing major engine damage. Not replacing ALL Audi A6 timing belt components can be very dangerous. Audi A6 timing belt tensioner pulleys or rollers may visually appear to be fine, but may actually be near or at the end of their service life. Audi A6 timing belt tensioners and idlers should always be replaced when installing a new timing belt. Skipping their replacement is a hazardous choice. This probability is also the reason why some Audi mechanics recommend performing the Audi timing belt replacement before 60,000 miles instead of 90,000 miles.

When an Audi A6 timing belt tensioner roller fails, it is usually due to the breakdown of the bearing and seal. Some think that they can just relubricate the bearing when changing the Audi A6 timing belt. Extreme hot engine temperatures, dirt, environmental, and other related factors cause the deterioration of the bearing seal. The grease inside of the bearing also begins to breakdown. The grease then escapes, bringing the Audi A6 timing belt tensioner bearing to the end of it's service life. There are many different reasons for their limited life span. Audi A6 timing belt idlers, tensioners, pulleys or rollers can in some cases have a shorter service life than an Audi timing belt. Some reasons are Audi A6 timing belt tension or load, type of engine, varying environment factors, Audi timing belt tension location, tensioner bearing design, the type of roller bearing grease, and operating temperature. All of these factors can effect the Audi A6 timing belt service life. The idler pulley or roller can seize and cause the Audi timing belt to snap without warning. Blauparts™ Audi A6 timing belt kits come with 27 years of superior Audi repair service experience. Our own independent Audi timing belt repair facility uses nothing but the best in superior quality manufactured timing belt parts. Purchase with this certainty.

Replace related items at the same time as Audi A6 timing belt replacement
and save on service costs.

Audi A6 Valve Cover Gasket
Audi A6 Serpentine Belt (aka drive belt)
Audi A6 Serpentine Arm Belt Kit
Audi A6 Radiator Fan Switch

Audi A6 Timing Belt - Audi A6 Timing Belt Kit - Audi A6 Timing Belt Kit Picture
Audi A6 Manual - How to change Audi A6 timing belt guideRequired Audi A6 manual to get the job done right!

We have the optional rental of our Audi A6 tool kit for timing belt replacement.
Click here for full Audi A6 timing belt tool rental information.

Here are some of the OEM part numbers that are included in our Audi A6 timing belt kit:

- 078 109 199D
- 078 109 244G
- 078 109 243K
- 078 121 004H
- 034 115 147A
- 078 121 113C
- 068 103 085A
- G001100
- G012A8D

Audi A6 timing belt service interval & Audi A6 timing belt repair information.
Click here to inquire about an Audi A6 timing belt service job at BLAUfergnugen.

BLAU™ Audi and Vw timing belt kits contain components from high end suppliers, including Schaeffler Group and Original.

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