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Celebrating 25 Years as the Nation's Leading Independent Audi Vw Kit Specialist!

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Blauparts is an independent Audi and VW parts specialist. We were '1st the World Over'™ to create model specific comprehensive repair kits. Our success is driven by a passionate commitment to providing brand name Official O.E. VW and Audi parts, along with creating the most satisfying customer service experience possible. Our positive 'We Care' attitude is reflected in the amount of work that is put into every BLAU® brand repair kit. Using over 25 years of service experience, we happily assist owners with their repair needs. Our passion is to to keep these awesome German cars on the road for years to come!

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BLAU® Repair Kits and Replacement Information

BLAU Brands: Audi Shocks, VW Shocks, BMW Shocks, Allroad Air Suspension Conversion Shock Kit, Allroad Control Arms, Audi Coil Springs, Audi HCC Brake Rotors, VW HCC Brake Rotors, Audi SS Brake Pads, VW SS Brake Pads

Join our Audi VW parts celebration at Blauparts®! We're lowering prices everyday on our entire inventory of VW Audi parts in honor of our new Audi VW parts website. We hope you appreciate our new updated VW Audi parts online catalog for faster and easier shopping. Experience the difference yourself with Blauparts® 25 years of Audi VW parts expert service. Blauparts® VW Audi know-how benefits you over other generic parts chains. Why? First, we have our own independent Audi VW repair service facility and thus have 25 years of superior 'hands on' VW Audi parts experience that we're more than happy to share with you. Second, we use the Audi VW parts we sell in our service department and are thereby assured of their high quality. Third, we take our experience in servicing these cars and offer you the VW Audi parts you really need to perform repairs by packaging them together into convenient kits. These kits will save you time and money. We are always trying to find ways to make Audis and VWs more affordable to own without sacrificing the quality and servicing of parts. We're friendly small town people from Wisconsin who appreciate your patronage.Save up to 80% on Audi Parts and VW Parts

We have Audi parts available for the following models:
Audi quattro parts, Audi A4 parts, Audi A6 parts, Audi allroad parts, Audi S4 parts, Audi S6 parts, Audi A8 parts, Audi S8 parts, Audi A7 parts, Audi A5 parts, Audi R8 parts, Audi S7 parts, Audi RS7 parts, Audi S5 parts, Audi RS5 parts, Audi Q5 parts, Audi A7 parts, Audi A3 parts, Audi RS4 parts, Audi TT parts, Audi V8 quattro parts, Audi 100 parts, Audi 200 parts, Audi 80 parts, Audi 90 parts, Audi Cabriolet parts, Audi 5000 parts, Audi 4000 parts, Audi Coupe parts.

We have VW parts available for the following models:
VW Passat parts, VW Passat 4motion parts, VW Jetta parts, VW Jetta TDI parts, VW Golf parts, VW Golf TDI parts, VW Beetle parts, VW Routan parts, VW Tiguan parts, Audi CC parts, VW Quantum parts, VW Quantum Syncro parts, VW Corrado parts, VW Fox parts, VW Phaeton parts, VW Rabbit parts, VW Scirocco parts, VW Touareg parts, VW Vanagon parts, VW EuroVan parts, VW TDI parts, VW VR6 parts, VW Diesel parts.